Introduction to Our Cat Herder

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Welcome to the Our Cat Herder family. Our Cat Herder is a cost effective, friendly and easy-to-use board portal solution. 

Our primary goal is:

to help you make your board (or committee) administration and communication:

  • Effective
  • Streamlined
  • Take as few hours of your time as possible

Just a few of the by-products of achieving the above include improved reporting, better meetings, excellence in compliance and both time and money saved.

What is Our Cat Herder?

Our Cat Herder is an all-in-one digital tool for board administrator's (the person responsible for creating agendas, distributing board packs, managing meetings, taking and distributing minutes and many other critical and important tasks that keep a board running), board members and others who interact with the board (such as the Chief Executive Officer, senior staff or external advisors), to be more effective.

My role on the board is X. What's next, how do I get started with Our Cat Herder?

Board Administrator (Company Secretary, Board Secretary etc...) - start here.

Board Member or other person who interacts with the board - start here

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